Throughout my life, in addition to serving my fellow humankind as an employed educator, it has been my privilege to voluntarily serve schools, churches, communities and professional organizations in the following ways: 

Designer and Implementer of Educational Programs for Local, State, National and International Organizations 

Designer and Implementer of Academic Service-Learning Educational Programs that Interface University Educator-Preparation Programs with Community Schools 

Sharer of Knowledge: Workshop Presenter and Clinician for Local, State, National and International Conferences 

Composer-Author publications: on request, provided organizations “permission to use” numerous authored and composed works for their educational programs without cost. 

On invitation, authored numerous articles and chapter contributions on various topics in music education for professional publications. 

Outside of classroom teaching, provided thousands of hours of unpaid teaching and mentoring in support of children, youth and higher education student’s learning. 

Choral Director for Church and Community Choirs 

Composer for church and Community Choirs 

Please see Lois’ Curriculum Vitae (About and Education sections) for listings of the above categories. 

Please see the separate listing under the Button titled “Service to Communities and Organizations” that lists examples of service in international, national, state and local communities. 

Please see the Button titled “Academic Service-Learning” for a short, informational article on Academic Service-Learning and a listing of several of Lois’ AS-L programs and AS-L publications. 

Lois is available for hire as a workshop clinician and/or presenter on a variety of topics in music and arts education. She also specializes in tailor-made presentations for schools and organizations according to their needs. For ideas, see Lois’ Curriculum Vitae for a full listing of presentations, sees also the listing of Academic Service- Learning programs on this page, and the Button titled “Categories of Specialization for Presentations and Workshops.” 


Academic Service-Learning

Working Together with Pre-service Educators, Children in Schools and their Educators

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“In my opinion, this is the best kind of ASL field teaching experience. It was invaluable to observe my professor put into practice the various teaching strategies and to watch the children respond to those methods. It was also incredibly exciting to participate in and observe my peers’ lesson plans. That gave us an opportunity to see the many creative ways in which we could integrate the subject matter into our own future classrooms. The best part of the experience, that I felt was most beneficial, was the immediate feedback and guidance we were given after submitting lesson plans and directly after teaching the lesson. The professor was able to observe us and guide us during this type of experience that was extremely helpful. In class, we were able to focus on the material we were learning and also reflect on our experiences teaching. ” — Lindsey Dobson, Elementary Education Major.